Game Support

Uh oh!  Having some difficulties with one of our games? We get asked a few similar questions through our support email, so we've posted the most frequently asked questions below.  Please check below to see if your question has already been answered.


  • Is the update going to charge me again?
  • I can't install the game
  • Why isn't the download working?
  • How can I get more pictures?
  • I wish the game had...
  • Can I hide these expansion pack icons from my App tray?

  • Game Updates

    Game updates are always free after the initial purchase. The Android Market may have some confusing language regarding the verification process of an update. The Market is simply verifying that you have indeed paid for the game initially and should not charge you further. If you feel you are being charged improperly please contact the Android Market support team ( for further assistance.

    Downloading and Installing

    Troubles downloading or installing our games are the most frequent issues we encounter in our support emails. Unfortunately, Tailgate Studios has no controll over the purchase, download or install of our apps in the Android Market. For help in this area please contact the Android Market support team ( for further assistance.

    (We have had luck advising those with stalled downloads to login to the GChat application before retrying. We can't promise it will work, but for many it has.)

    Expansion Content

    These are the questions we love to field! Expansion packs are what we do here at Tailgate Studios. We believe you should get the most for your purchase--so we are constantly providing additional content. The latest versions of our games all ship with a feature labelled "All Picture Packs" in the Free Play Menu. There you can see an up-to-date list of all of our expansion content. You can tap the pack to read more about it, or long-tap it for the option to download it immediately. For game-specific details please visit the game's page here on our website.

    User Ideas

    We can't stress it enough: Tailgate Studios makes your everyday gameday. This is about the TS Community. We field ideas of all sorts, and yes, they often end up in our games! We even take original photos (as long as you own the copyrights to them and grant us permission to use, alter and transmit them to our users) and build them into future expansion packs! So click on the support email in the left column and send us your ideas. We love to hear them!

    Expansion Pack Icons

    Ah, now there's a sticky wicket! We wish we had some way to hide them, and we've even asked Google to include some mechanism of doing so in future versions of Android. For the time being, unfortunately, the answer is no. Some users have uninstalled the expansion packs--which does not remove their image content--but this approach is not recommended as we may update them from time-to-time (though rarely).